White Couch – LA Warehouse Fashion Photo / Video Shoot!

Two of my best friends I grew up with, Elise and Allison, came over for a photo shoot when I was living in the warehouse in downtown LA. Elise has a successful fashion blog called W-T-Fab up in San Francisco and I love doing fashion shoots with her and seeing what outfits she puts together. Allison is a talented artist living in LA. My time down there I used her as a model for other shoots I did. As a photographer, it’s very convenient to have such beautiful and photogenic friends!

“The older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young.” I love these ladies so much.

Video and photos from the day!


Backyard Sunrise Photo shoot!

This is Zoe! Back in the November Zoe and I stayed up all night, I was video editing and she was painting in my room. We wanted to wait for sunrise to capture the perfect light and to make the best of our backyard here at the Convent. Some of my roommates had just cleaned everything out and made a nice set so we thought it would be great for a photo shoot. It has an intimate secret garden feel but in the heart of the San Francisco.

I waited till exactly 7:10 am when I knew it would be perfect light and that we would only have about 15 minutes. Zoe is a great model and photographs well so I wasn’t worried about our short window period. She did her hair and make up and picked out her outfit to match fall.

This is what Zoe is wearing!
Pants – I bought them a small boutique in Savannah, Georgia.
Black lace top – I bought it in thrift store in Savannah, Georgia as well.
Full coat – Someone was selling it in a sidewalk sale in the Mission. I was walking home and saw it hanging from a tree. The woman told me she wanted to get rid of everything and sold it to me for just 5 dollars.
Scarf and rings- My great aunt gave me all three before she passed away.
Boots – Zoe’s Frye boots.


“This is how Californians die.” : Our Trip to the Everglades

While the rest of the country hit a wave of ice, Jonny, Zweng and I went to Miami. Zinzi Gugu, our friend and filmmaker, flew us out to work on her film “Death of a Groupie.” I’m not going to tell you about it, just watch it when it comes out.

For one of the days in Florida we set out for a shoot in the Everglades. Zinzi’s awesome friend, Malone, had an old family house out there (one of only 4 we were told) and she showed us the true Floridian ropes.

The Everglades were full of swamps and alligators like non of us born-n-raised Californians had ever seen. It was beautiful. In the middle of December, it hot and humid. We drank Bud Light and it felt like America.

These photos are the only proof that we weren’t just living in a figment of someone else’s imagination. I could explain. But I won’t.

Highlight of the trip:
At one point Zweng found himself in a rowboat in the middle of the swamp (lake?) looking down at the black water, Zweng yells:

“Are there alligators in here?” Malone yells back, “Yah.. but. It’s fine.”
Zweng: “This is how Californians die.”

Oh yah and one other thing. I can’t say this for sure, but the gun wasn’t loaded.

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Jonny Cat – “Bitter Liquor”

Jonny Cat performs “Bitter Liquor” while we had a quick stop in Long Beach during the first Coo Coo Birds tour to LA. This is one of my favorite videos I have made partly because Jonny is one of my closest friends and this is my favorite Jonny Cat song. I’ve known him for years and we live together in an old Convent turned art collective. I always ask him to play this song for me and he always does.

I have a wonderful habit of surrounding myself with beautiful music and an even better habit of surrounding myself with people that I love.

Back in November I went on “tour” with the Coo Coo Birds. We set sail in Neil Diamonds Rock’n Roll school bus, the Tweet Busso, from our Convent in San Francisco and headed for LA with just the band, Neil, and my two videographer friends/roommates, Joelle and Quincy. Since then I’ve been across country with them on that bus. The video I produced below, GET ON THE BUS, is from that LA trip and gives you more of an insight to our crazy lives.

Here is the second episode of the GET ON THE BUS.

Estate Sale Shopping with Mikey

A little while ago I accompanied Mikey on one of his favorite pastimes – estate sale shopping. I woke up super early and found Mikey on his way out. He told me I had 0 minutes to get ready as he wanted to get there early. I put on whatever I was wearing the night before including socks with my flats, and we headed to the Inner Richmond.

It was located in a shot gun style victorian flat. It was like walking in to a 1960’s time warp. The woman who had just passed was spoken highly of and I really appreciated her style. I think you can tell a lot about someone by the possessions they choose to keep over the course of their life. IMG_6168IMG_6180IMG_6182IMG_6187IMG_6193IMG_6195IMG_6199IMG_6203IMG_6209IMG_6219IMG_6210IMG_6215IMG_6226IMG_6233

Fashion Photo Shoot With Allison!

Allison Bailey and I did a photo shoot in the LA warehouse! Allison is an incredible artist in LA and one of my very best friends. I’ve known her since the good old days of Brownies.

The boys I live with are all gone for the week so Allison and I drank beer and ran around in our underwear. I’m pretty sure she tried on everything I own.



Dirty Old Bar – Coming Soon

Dirty Old Bar is a new project I’m working on with three of my close friends. Ashley, Brandy, and Joelle are brilliant filmmakers. We seek out the diviest of bars all around San Francisco and capture their story, history, and unique regulars that make this city what it truly is.

There will be a monthly video featuring a new dive bar. I’m currently cutting these bad boys now but it should be released in September as a whole. Here is a peek at what we’re working on!

500 Club trailer – one of Mission’s oldest bars

Here are some photos from the The Brown Jug!